UU SLI-Dyslexia project database


to explore early language development in children at FR of dyslexia; to compare developmental language profiles in FR children and children with SLI.



  • baby’s, from 19 months to approximately 37 months; N ≈ 110
  • toddlers; 3;2 (years; months) at the onset; about 5;0 at the last test session; N ≈ 140


  • baby cohort: ~70 children at familial risk (FR) of dyslexia; ~40 controls
  • toddler cohort: ~70 FR children, ~40 controls, ~30 children (tentatively) diagnosed with Specific Language Impairment (SLI)
  • Children from both cohorts have returned to the lab at age 8 for follow-up tests: toddler cohort: n = 107; baby cohort: n = 65


  • preferential listening experiment; measurement of listening times in several trials
  • categorical perception experiment; tests of productive phonology (elicited naming)


  • raw estimate of 60 GB

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