Deaf adults RU database (PhD project J. van Emmerik)


investigation of the acquisition of Dutch by deaf Dutch adults (late L1/early L2) and comparison to hearing Turkish and Moroccan-Arabic L2-learners of Dutch (late L2) on morphosyntactic aspects.



  • 46 deaf Dutch adults
  • 38 hearing Turkish adults
  • 24 hearing Moroccan adults
  • 10 Dutch controls


  • males: 22 deaf + 31 Turkish/Moroccan
  • females: 24 deaf + 31 Turkish/Moroccan


  • Test: standardized C-test Instaptoets Anderstalige Volwassenen (IAV); coded and processed in SPSS
  • Writing task The Frog Story: recorded and stored in ScriptLog (Holmquist), data coded and processed in Excel and SPSS
  • Link to dataset at TLA:


  • 2 GB

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