investigation of the bilingual language and communication development of young deaf children in Sign Language of the Netherlands (SLN) and Dutch (D).



  • 11 deaf children, longitudinal


  • 5 boys and 6 girls
  • 3 – 6
  • prelingual deafness (hearing loss of minimally 80dB Fletcher Index on the best ear)
  • no mental restrictions


  • Tests: Nijmeegse Observatieschaal voor Kleuters (NOK) (SLN & D), Reynell Test voor Taalbegrip (SLN & D), Dutch version Assessing British Sign Language Development (SLN): data processed and coded in SPSS; Spider Story (SLN & D): data processed and coded in SPSS
  • Semi-structured conversations with deaf and hearing adults – video recorded (SLN & D): per recording a selection of five minutes communication has been selected and transcribed in a CHAT-like format (104 recordings)
  • Link to dataset at TLA:


  • 4 GB complete video recordings; 1 GB selected parts video recordings; 0,1 GB selected parts transcripts; 0,5 GB test and background data